Our Mission:

Debuting with the Mini dress, Binanz aims to be a high quality, forward thinking New Zealand brand.

We want to reinforce the message - it is a more environmentally conscious decision to re-wear (and re-wear) your clothes as opposed to buying new pieces for each occasion.

Binanz wants to help combat the over-consumption in the fashion industry by becoming your wardrobe staple. The reversible element of the dress gives you double the colour options and therefore double the possibilities!

That is our added value for you.


 Brand Story:

The idea for what would become Binanz began during my final year of university. We were constantly going to 21st celebrations and there was the never-ending cycle of trying to find something different to wear.
The only available options were to buy new, rent or borrow. These options have their merits, however, renting becomes expensive for a one-off wear, your friends only have so many dresses you can borrow or fit, and buying new dresses that you will only wear once or twice is unsustainable and also hits your bank account hard! 

I wanted a dress that gave me room to style it in many different ways, so it could be worn time and time again.

The Binanz Mini gives you two dresses in one. Swap from a casual day look to a dressy night look with one flip of the dress.

The Reversible Mini is perfect for your considered wardrobe, perfect for holiday packing, and perfect for giving you that boost of confidence in the knowledge you’re looking good while also being a mindful consumer.

You can look amazing over and over again in our Binanz reversible dresses.

Quality over quantity always.





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